Add missing functions to calling app

I have less or no experience in developing calling apps. In my android app I have copied all content from your sample call app & the app functioning is OK as in your sample app.
Some call app functions are missing & need to add them:
No dial tone heard when making a call.
As of now only a notification is shown when an incoming call is arrives. Need to wake up the screen if locked show an activity with Caller’s name/username & accept & reject buttons (or show high priority notification for Android 10+ with accept & reject button when screen is awake) & play device ringtone (depending on device silent settings). Accept should go to VoiceCallActivity or VideoCallActivity & Reject should close the activity or dismiss notification

If anyone has added these functions please share examples or sample code.

I’ll preface this with I have no experience with android development but I do currently work for a telephone company.

I would not expect you to have a dial tone when utilizing WebRTC. Dial tones are typically used by physical landlines on the PSTN to indicate connection, where as on your cell phone or other WebRTC applications there are other indicators. Could you possibly mean ringback tone? This is the tone you hear when the call is ringing the destination device.

Yes 1st point meant the ring tone we hear in earpiece/speakerphone when we are waiting for the receiver to respond

Thank you for the feedback. While dial tones are not customary in a WebRTC context, adding sound effects for notifications or other call states is a valid use case.

We are looking into updating the quickstart samples to include a demonstration of how to build sound effects into the app.

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Hello @kckern
what’s the update on the option to add sound effect for notification or call?

Please let me asap as we have integrated your sdk in our android application and this sound part is the only thing remaining.