Ban/Unban How to get ban date in javascript

HI, today i need to implement ban/unban feature → but , the object response not contain the ban date. So, what should i do to get ban date? thank you

@Tyler Hi, could you help me to check this?

Hello @thi_ledinh,

The Javscript SDK does not return an object when a user is banned or unbanned. To obtain the ban date/time you would need to either do this on your own via Metadata, or you could use the Platform API which would provide that object. Group channel | chat platform-api | Sendbird Docs

yeah , i knew it, just do some test with api and then it worked, but why javascript have some limitation ?

I can’t provide any explicit reasonings as I’m not part of the engineering team that made the decision, but the likely reason is that since the SDK is supposed to act as a user, its believe that we don’t need to pass as much data back and forth. The server side of the application, which likely would be using the Platform API would require more data.