Blocked messages (using profanity_filter regex_filters and type=2) end up in all conversations

I’m trying to block messages containing phone numbers and emails so I’m using the profanity filter feature and providing some regex_filters for these and type = 2 (blocks messages as using the type = 1 doesn’t seem to work for regexp).

My messages are correctly blocked but the blocked messages (with the red !) end up in all my open conversations.

I’m using these libs:
@sendbird/chat”: “^4.7.2”,
@sendbird/uikit-react”: “^3.4.6”,

Hello @ELT, Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

In React UIKit, messages that contain profanity words or match regex patterns are blocked by default when profanity filter is turned on. An error icon appears beside the message bubble to indicate to the user that the message cannot be sent, as shown in the screenshot below. When the user refreshes the Channel, the message with the error icon will not be visible to them.

Yes, I know all of this and that’s working as expected. However, my issue is when I send a message that’s blocked to one recipient (“test company 2” in my case), I also see that blocked message in my conversation with another user, which is confusing. I’m adding 2 screenshots, one of the conversation with “test company 2”, and one in the conversation with another test account (I blanked the name) to showcase the issue.

Image 1 (one conversation):

2nd image (2nd conversation where the blocked messages also show up): (sorry had to split it into multiple messages since my account is new)

Hello @ELT,

I am unable to reproduce the issue at our end.

Could you please try to reproduce this in our sample app and share the sandbox with us so we can investigate the issue further?

Standard SendbirdApp component sample - Sendbird UIKit - Base App - StackBlitz
SendbirdProvider Customised App - Sendbird UIKit - Customized App - StackBlitz