How can I send an invitation for someone to join our organization?

When an organization creates a SendBird organization and want to invite your team member to join the organization.

These following steps show details on how he/she as an admin can send an invitation link to his/her team members (Admin, Developer, Billing, Moderation Admin).

Here are the steps you need to follow to invite your team members:

  1. Organization Administrator creates/login to the organization account

  2. On the dashboard screen, click “Menu (displayed with UserName)” > “Organization setting”

  3. On the organization setting page, click “Members” > “Invite Member” button

  4. In the “Add a New Member” view, fill out “Member’s E-mail” and “Choose Member’s Role” section then submit it by clicking “Invite” button ** Notes: If team member previously created an account with work email, they need to delete their account before admin send an invitation link (instruction on how to delete your account)

  5. Invited members should receive an email that has a link to set their password which will give them proper access to the organization

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