How is MAU calculated? How are Peak Connections calculated?

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

A Monthly Active User (MAU) is counted as an active user when they connect to SendBird servers by using Client SDK from your application, within given month. When a user is connected to SendBird server via mobile or web using same identity, it is counted as 1 MAU.

A connection is required to do any types of communication between clients and servers.

Without a connection, clients will not be able to do tasks such as

  1. Listen for new messages
  2. Send messages
  3. Read and retrieve past messages (chat history)
  4. Create new channels
  5. Join channels
  6. Retrieve channel list

Peak Connections (PC)

Peak Connection is counted as the number of concurrently connected devices. Please note that this counts devices, not users - if a user connects to SendBird from two devices, this counts as 2 concurrent connections.

More articles can be found @ SendBird HelpCenter

If a user connects, disconnects, and connects within the same month from the same device, that only counts as 1 MAU, right?

Yes, it will count as one user as long as it’s from the same device

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