How to enabled translation using react UI Kit

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How to send translation in react UI Kit?

If I would like to send all my messages to translate while sending to user. Is there a way to do it directly?

How to retrieve it directly from ui-kit??

Hello @sreedharbukya
Can you explain your exact use case so that we can help you

Are you trying to use the auto translation feature?

@sreedharbukya Sendbird has a fully automated translation service. Although this service is expensive it can work by setting your user’s language preferences. After that Sendbird will automatically take care of everything.

If you need less expensive solutions @Sravan_S will be able to help. The attached document defines the three different types of translation abilities Sendbird has.

@Sravan_S Is the go to person for JS UI Kit, I just wanted to help define what translation means at Sendbird. :slight_smile:

[SendBird] Translation - External (1).pdf (90.0 KB)

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Thank you @Supertopoz. I will follow up with the @Sravan_S for this.

@Supertopoz, @Sravan_S, we are using Pro 5K plan for our application already. Does that changes the pricing if we implement auto translation?

If we set a user A to have Chinese Simplified as language preference and User B as English.

When we are using sendbird uikit (React) shows the messages in their preferred language?

Is there any built in function / extend which will allow to translate single message on click just like wechat feature?

@sreedharbukya Translation services were not on our roadmap when we started implementing UIKit. I will communicate this to our product managers. Anyways, let me do some research and see if there is a work around that is possible to implement this feature(Is there any built in function / extend which will allow to translate single message on click just like wechat feature?)

I will check and get back to you

@Sravan_S, any update on this feature or ways to extend it from uikit?

Hello @sreedharbukya

This is a sample for on-demand translation

The translation action can be found here

The implementation of onclick can be found here

Translation is a premium feature. Make sure you have it enabled
And, enter your APPID in
TLDR: We rendered custom MessageItem and called translation on demand on a button click