Is there any way to prevent Sendbird blocked by ad blockers

Hi all. Recently some of my users complain that they unable to use our sendbird chat product, we found that Sendbird websocket is blocked by certain ad blocker (uBlock). Would like to know whether is there any resolution to this, that might can allow Sendbird to be whitelisted in the ad blockers?

Hi there @chechin.tang,

I experienced this issue myself for the first time today. I’ll talk with our team to see what we can find out.

Hi, we are also running into this problem with ublock

Hi @Jonathan_Koh,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. Currently, anyone using uBlock will experience issues. We’re working on trying to resolve this.

Hello @guangming_cheng and @Jonathan_Koh,

Please refer to this post for updates on this topic: Ad Blocker issues in using JS SDK