Keep getting error when creating a message via API

So today is my first day working with SendBird. I can create users and channels via the API but when I try to post a message I get the same error… I am using PostMan here is the URL I am using. I tookout the application Id


“message_type”: “MESG”,
“user_id”: “AllenCrane”,
“message”: “This is Only a Message”

“message”: “Platform API Error”,
“code”: 400404,
“error”: true

My guess is that this is because the url should have “group_channels” plural instead of “group_channel” singular.

If that doesn’t do the trick you could also make sure that “ThisIsMyChannel” corresponds to the channel url rather than channel name.

The error message is kind of vague so if neither of those do the trick, could you provide me with the request-id header from the response?

Oy, that was a noob error for sure thanks for the help

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