Media Caching through SyncManager

I was exploring Sync Manager SDK for offline caching of chat messages. Text messages caching seem to be working but I don’t see support in caching Media files like images and all.
Any help on this through Sync manager will be really appreciated.

Hey @Bobby_Jasuja, media files are not cached locally by the SyncManager, I believe you can use something like Glide to handle caching of images though.

Ya images can be cached through glide but then there are other files as well like videos and pdf etc. Secondly in case a media files fails to be delivered (maybe due to bad internet connection) then reference to that file is completely lost from chat history on changing the screen as those are not maintained by sync manager like text messages.

Unfortunately at the moment media caching is something that will either have to be built out, using a db, SharePrefs, or you’ll have to find a library to handle it for you.

Regarding your second issue, the SycnManager should handle retries in the background if you specify the messageResendPolicy to be set to automatic.