Option to filter empty custom types in Group Channel Total Unread Message Count Params

Hello, is it possible to add “empty” or undefined custom type filter to
GroupChannelTotalUnreadMessageCountParams.channelCustomTypesFilter? I think there is no support right now but will you consider to add it in the future?

I also tried to set the channelCustomTypesFilter as follows:

  const sb = Sendbird.getInstance()
  const groupChannelTotalUnreadParams = new sb.GroupChannelTotalUnreadMessageCountParams()
  groupChannelTotalUnreadParams.channelCustomTypesFilter = ['test', '']

  sb.getTotalUnreadMessageCount(groupChannelTotalUnreadParams, unreadCount => {

but the empty string causes an incorrect, greater-than-zero unreadCount value.

Current SendBird version is sendbird@3.0.153