Running the JavaScript Library in a Node Environment?

Is there anything special needed to use Sendbird in a Node environment? We were building a small test rig where we can send test messages and create test groups to ensure our custom app functionalities are working. I’m unable to create a Group Channel, and continually get error 800110 (ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER). As soon as we move the code to something like a create-react-app environment, the same code is working without problems.

Ideally we’d like to be able to return to our Node way of doing it so we can more easily run them in an automated fashion.

Hi @fullStackChris,

Currently, the JavaScript SDK is not designed to run in a node environment. It’s intended to run only in the browser. One thing to note, our Developer Advocacy team is working on a wrapper for our Platform API to be used in a Node Environment.

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Hi @Tyler - thanks for your response!