SyncManager – Websocket Connection Failed

I’m using Sendbird Sync Manager with the Sendbird JS SDK, and when I try to
setup the sync manager and connect to sendbird, I get the error [SendBirdException: Websocket connection failed.]. This prevents me from receiving any channel events.

The call looks like:

  SendBirdSyncManager.setup(userId, () => {
    sb.connect(userId, token, (user, error) => {...

which is where I receive the error.

I am based in Europe, and my US-based colleague does not have the same
issue. I’ve seen this github issue: which may
have something to do with this, but as I’m using react-native, I don’t have
a window into the calls that the application is making.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could provide any information about this situation.



Also I should mention that this occurs only when using the xCode simulator, and not within the react-native app on my iphone.

@pjack3191 I will let my JS team know about this and will get back to you as soon as they respond

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