UIWebView issue in iOS

Hi , This is Manihushan we are facing UIWebView issue in iOS when upload to testflight apple rejecting app since Apple deprecated UIWebView but still using UIWebView in sendbird framework. please consider this is the update issue and any solution for this. currently i am unable to my app to app store. Thanks in advance

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Hi @Magnet_Mani,

Could you please provide some additional details?

Where are you seeing UIWebView being utilized? Which SDK version are you using?

Latest version which was provided in github sendbird sdk 3.1.7 and sendbird calls 1.9.2


Are you able to provide me with some detail on why you believe that the UIWebView is coming from Sendbird?

The Sendbird SDK for Calls and Chat do not utilize UIWebView since they are only providing data and they do not implement any UI.

used "grep -r UIWebView " command for checking UIWebView. Please refer the attached screenshot.

Any update? @Ian_Wright


I reviewed this with some team members, and the iOS team confirmed that we do not use UIWebView in the SDKs.

Another customer shared that they detected it with the grep command a while ago, but our SDK does not include it. Our team reached out to Apple at that time, and they shared with us that they do not check which app includes UIWebView with the grep command as they have a different way to check.

please check this one. we are using this SDK @Ian_Wright


That is the iOS SDK that I am referencing. It does not contain UIWebView.