Uncaught SendBirdDeskError: SendBird SDK is missing

If I try to use Sendbird Javascript SDK v3.1.1 or upper with Sendbird Desk Javascript SDK v1.0.19 I will get this error: Uncaught SendBirdDeskError: SendBird SDK is missing.

If I change the Sendbird Javascript SDK to v3.0.160 it is working fine.

This is my code:

var sb = new SendBird({ appId: APP_ID });
sb.connect(USER_ID, function(user, error) {
  if (error) {

  console.log('The user is connected to Sendbird server.');

  SendBirdDesk.authenticate(USER_ID, (user, error) => {
    if (error) {

    console.log('The customer is authenticated and connected to Sendbird server.');

What is the issue here? How can I use the latest version of Sendbird Javascript SDK together with Sendbird Desk Javascript SDK?

Hello, @Sandor_Fulop and welcome to the community!

I was able to validate this. Please allow me to report internally and get back to you.

Any news related to this issue?

Hello @Sandor_Fulop and thanks for your patience. We are working on this. Will get back as soon as this is fixed!

Thanks for your patience @Sandor_Fulop - Sendbird Desk for JS v1.0.20 has been released, fixing this problem.

@walter.rodriguez thank you! It is working now.

Glad to know this has been fixed. FYI, I also reported this on 2021-12-21 here: SendBird Chat v3.1.4 (JavaScript) has been released! (2021-12-14) - #2 by Nicholas_Gelinas and here: SendBird Desk v1.0.19 not compatible with SendBird v3.1.0 to v3.1.4 inclusively

You may want to mark one of these as a duplicate or whatever for closure. Cheers!

Thank you @Nicholas_Gelinas for letting us know!