[Usage calculation] Announcements

What is announcements?

Announcements enable you to engage with your customers directly by leveraging relevant context in promotional messages and reach up to 10,000 users in group channels.

How is usage calculated per application?

1 announcement for 1 group channel with 1 URL

Regardless of how many users are in a group channel (as long as it is under 10,000 users), an announcement message sent out to a group channel with the same URL will count as one announcement message.

How is usage calculated per organization?

The sum of all announcement messages sent out across all existing applications within the organization.


Let’s say there is a total of 3 applications within your organization.
Announcement message count for each application is as shown below:

App A: 3 announcement messages
App B: 5 announcement messages
App C: 2 announcement messages

Then, organization’s announcements usage for this month is:

3 + 5 + 2 = 10 announcement messages