[Usage calculation] Monthly active users

What is monthly active users (MAU)?

The number of unique users who connect to Sendbird server within a month.

How is usage calculated per application?

The highest count of active users connected to Sendbird server in a single day of a given month.
Multiple devices used with the same user ID are counted as 1 MAU.


Let’s say there is a total of three users in your application that connected to Sendbird server this month.

User 1: connected on January 1, 5, 15.
User 2: connected on January 5, 15.
User 3: connected on January 1, 15.

Then, the count of active users for each day is:

January 1: 2 users (User1, 3)
January 5: 2 users (User1, 2)
January 15: 3 users (User1, 2, 3)

Then, application’s MAU is:

3 users because January 15th has the highest number of active users for this month.

How is usage calculated per organization?

The sum of all applications’ MAU usages within your organization.


Let’s say there is a total of 3 applications within your organization.
MAU for each application is as shown below:

App A: 3 users
App B: 5 users
App C: 2 users

Then, organization’s MAU is:

3+5+2 = 10 users