[Usage calculation] Peak concurrent connections

What is peak concurrent connections (PCC)?

The highest number of simultaneously connected devices to Sendbird server over the course of a month.

How is usage calculated per application?

The highest number of devices simultaneously connected to Sendbird server in a month. Each device used, and each tab opened are counted as concurrent connections.


The following shows an application’s peak concurrent connection for each day of the month.

January 1: 100 connections
January 2: 101 connections
January 3: 110 connections

January 31: 101 connections

Then, application’s PCC is:

110 connections

How is usage calculated per organization?

The sum of all applications’ peak concurrent connections within your organization.


Let’s say there is a total of 3 applications within your organization.
PCC for each application is as shown below:

App A: 101 connections
App B: 59 connections
App C: 200 connections

Then, organization’s PCC is:

101+59+200 = 360 connections