What happens if my app exceeds the your limits of MAU or PC (Peak Connections)?

[Connection Lost]
We do not limit your connections immediately.
If the MAU/PC exceeds 3 times from the limit, the extra users that are connected after the 300% mark won’t be able to connect anymore.
(i.e. If your limit is 25 Peak connection, the 76th (25*3=75) user will not be connected)

[Overage Fee]
Once MAU exceeds your limit, you will be charged for the overage fee which is exceeded amounts per month. You will get a warning email when your usage reaches at 80% then again at 100%. The dashboard graphs will turn from purple to orange and red respectively.

When your app does hit your limit (i.e. 1000 MAU / 25 Peak Connection ceiling), we will send an email (to the address you use to log in to the SendBird Dashboard) alerting you to upgrade your plan. If you do not contact us within a few days, your users will not be able to login until you do.

Please refer to the pricing page (Sendbird Pricing) and reach out to our sales team at sales@sendbird.com or a sales representative that you are communicating.

*Notes - If you are on the legacy-free tier plan, please contact sales team for plan upgrade inquiry.