Access tokens- Can the same user login through multiple devices?

Want to get more clarity on how can I use access token to login to multiple devices.

  1. Can one user with one access token login to multiple devices at the same time?
  2. Does a user need multiple valid access tokens to login to multiple devices at the same time?
  3. Can I have multiple valid access tokens for the same user - Yes (upto 10) as per my understanding from this document - if yes how can I issue multiple access tokens for the same user. As per my understanding, the property “issue_access-token”, will create a new one and delete/invalidate the existing one. So how can I have 10 access tokens at a time.
  4. Does access token and session tokens solve the same purpose and the only difference is token expiration or is there any other difference?


A single user can login to multiple devices when authentication via an access token. You would not be able to generate multiple access tokens for a single user. You can validate this by going to your dashboard and navigating to an example user. Generate a token for that user and notice that when a token is generated, there is only a re-issue button. If you click re-issue, you’re prompted with a modal that states “If you continue, the current access token will no longer be valid”.

In your third question, you’re confusing access tokens with session tokens.
While both technically grant access to the application, an access token is a permanent credential that does not change, while a session token is a temporary credential utilized to authenticate that singular session. The following piece of the documentation has a better outline of the differences:

I will mention that it does look like the documentation states that an access token can have 10 active, while a session token can have 100 active. That may need some further clarification from someone at Sendbird as I also do not see a way you’d be able to generate more than a single access token for any given user.

Hope this helped!