Adding `customTypes` to `messageListParams` in Channel queries does nothing

I add the customType to the messageListParams and it doesn’t filter in the Channel query.

Even if I add it to the example you have set up in Stackblitz, you can see that the query request in the network panel doesn’t include it in the query parameters

You would expect that after clicking ‘My Messages’, there wouldn’t be any messages since none of the messages have a customType.

In my application, I can confirm this does nothing as well.

[UIKit Version]
Latest version, 3.11.1


[Current impact]
I can’t filter certain message customTypes from users.

Hello @Tbone12,

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It looks like this needs to be updated to be customTypesFilter instead of customTypes. Give that a try and let me know.

Thanks @Tyler, that seems to fix it. Just FYI, the Sendbird Docs seems to indicate that it is customType. But this works. Thanks again!