All Message marked as outgoing in Sendbird React App Component

I am using App Component from sendbird ui kit in reactjs. everything works fine but my incoming messages are also marked as outgoing, so unable to differentiate between incoming and outgoing.
Can someone please help me?
some how I am getting “isByMe” always true
versions used
“sendbird”: “^3.0.156”,
“sendbird-uikit”: “^2.4.1”,

Hey @mayurpaunipagar You are right, unfortunately, there is an issue in our latest release, will fix it soon, (expect it in 2.4.2, in a day or two)

bdw Thanks for the reply, I figured out the problem,
its in Channel.js file, isByMe is becoming true even if the sender is not me, so i removed the the two function check isPendingMessage and isSentMessage. now it is working correctly

var isByMe = isMessageSentByMe(userId, message);
// var isByMe = isPendingMessage(channel, message) || isSentMessage(channel, message) || isMessageSentByMe(userId, message);

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