[Android] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException length=10; index=10


We are facing the following issue: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
length=10; index=10, with the usage of sendbird-chat sdk.

We had this issue before and upgraded to v4.8.0, but the issue still persists. Do you have any idea what’s the root cause of it? Do you have it in plan for fixing as it seems as an internal sdk issue?

[SDK Version]

sebdbird-chat 4.8.0

[Reproduction Steps]

I cannot reproduce it locally, but here’s the stacktrace from Sentry:

  • java.util.ArrayList in clear at line 569
  • com.sendbird.android.AppInfo in upsert$sendbird_release at line 82
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.user.CurrentUserManager in saveUserFromLogi at line 62
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.ConnectionStateManager in setLogiCommandSucceeded at line 313
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.state.ConnectedState in onCreate at line 17
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.ConnectionStateManager in changeState at line 291
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.state.ConnectingState in onLogiReceived at line 103
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.ConnectionStateManager in onEvent$lambda-18 at line 372
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.ConnectionStateManager in $r8$lambda$ZFXeYi3Rr50kDwNKOynq6f8meAU
  • com.sendbird.android.internal.network.connection.ConnectionStateManager$ExternalSyntheticLambda3 in run at line 4
  • java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor in runWorker at line 1137
  • java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker in run at line 637
  • java.lang.Thread in run at line 1012


69 events for 27 users.

[Current impact]

Pretty high impact.