[Android UIKIT 2.2.3] Change channelheader in groupchannel

Android UIKIT 2.2.3
Is there a quick way to change the channel header in group channel?
I want to add 2 buttons, one for voice call and the other for video calling.
I’m tight on time so a quick answer will be greatly appreciated!!!

For anyone having the same issue, I’ve managed to do this by creating a custom ChannelActivity with a custom appbar and the channel fragment set like this

    protected ChannelFragment createChannelFragment(@NonNull String channelUrl) {
        return new ChannelFragment.Builder(channelUrl).setUseHeader(false).build();

Thanks for the “great” support. This would’ve been an easy solution to give but nobody at sendbird cared to answer.

I can provide source files for anyone who wants.

Sorry for the late reply. Your solution would be helpful to someone who wants to change the header in the fragment. If you have trouble with other implementation, we will answer ASAP. I am so sorry we missed your question this time.