Any update on including privacy.manifest

Hi Team,

Any update on including privacy.manifest in sendbird chat and uikit sdks?


We are also very curious about this. We have a simple app and are getting warnings from Apple for missing Required Reasons declarations. I believe they are from Sendbird.

Hey @sendbird!!!

We need the SDK to include the Privacy Manifest before May 1st or we will no longer be able to ship apps.

We will need you to include the manifest in the SDK, as Apple implies that we cannot use the App-level PrivacyManifest to include Sendbirds’ required reasons data:

If you upload an app to App Store Connect that uses required reason API without describing the reason in its privacy manifest file, Apple sends you an email reminding you to add the reason to the app’s privacy manifest. Starting May 1, 2024, apps that don’t describe their use of required reason API in their privacy manifest file aren’t accepted by App Store Connect.

If you use the API in your third-party SDK’s code, then you need to report the API in your third-party SDK’s privacy manifest file. Your third-party SDK can’t rely on the privacy manifest files for apps that link the third-party SDK, or those of other third-party SDKs the app links, to report your third-party SDK’s use of required reasons API.

So basically, if you don’t provide the manifest in your SDK, our apps will no longer be allowed to be submitted.

Also, 4.18 and 4.19 iOS SDK have a crash bug so you need to fix that one too. There is a separate community forum issue on that one.

Hi @_Rohit_Agrawal @astrahealth,

Please refer to our latest releases.

These releases contain the privacy manifest files that include NSPrivacyAccessedAPIType and NSPrivacyCollectedDataType.


Any ideas when the react native UIKit will get this update?

@Sendbird Any ideas when the react native UIKit will get the privacy manifest updates?