API issue: Through the platform API, how do I remove a user from a group channel?

How do I remove a user from a channel via the platform API? The docs don’t seem to have this, and the bot says

To remove a user from a group channel through the Sendbird Platform API, you would typically use the "leave" action. However, the provided knowledge base does not include a direct API endpoint for removing a user from a group channel using the Platform API.

In general, to remove a user from a group channel, you would need to make an HTTP DELETE request to the appropriate endpoint with the necessary parameters, such as the `channel_url` and the `user_id` of the user you want to remove. The request would also require authentication, usually in the form of an API token or session token.

I tried a DELETE to “/group_channels/#{channel_url}/members/#{user_id}” but that gives me an empty response and does not seem to do anything (but it also doesn’t complain about an incorrect url!)

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v3 platform api

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