App crashes when attaching files or taking photos on custom UiKit

My app crashes when attempting to attach files from the camera. This issue is not on every device, just the ones listed below. I have tested the same code on 4 different devices with different versions, it works fine on them all.

My android studio app does not allow me to catch device crash logs, this is because the application re-opens after a crash, so I don’t have crash logs for this event.

Information about the device where the app crashes:
Device: XiaomiRedmi Note 7 Pro (arm64-v8a)
Os: Android 10
OpenGL version: 3
Resolution: 1080x2131
Rooted/Jailbroken: no

Hi @manishahire,

Is there any way for you to add in a debugging flag that would allow you to capture crash logs? Given that this issue is only occurring on a specific device and not on any others you’ve tested, its imperative we get crash logs in order to understand why the crash is occurring.