BaseMessage.requestId sometimes is empty

We currently implement SendBird with SyncManager, and we rely on BaseMessage.requestId to do message list manipulation, but the problem is sometimes the requestId randomly empty. For example here I log in the send file message case from MessageCollectionHandler

2020-11-27 11:00:32.574 12694-12694 D/MessageListModifierCustomImpl: modifyOnPendingEvent INSERT [FileMessage reqId: 1606397094864 msgId: 0 msg: File Message]
2020-11-27 11:00:33.777 12694-12694 D/MessageListModifierCustomImpl: modifyOnPendingEvent REMOVE [FileMessage reqId: 1606397094864 msgId: 0 msg: File Message]
2020-11-27 11:00:33.897 12694-12694 D/MessageListModifierCustomImpl: modifyOnSuccessEvent INSERT [FileMessage reqId:  msgId: 5974715600 msg: File Message]

As you can see, when success, the reqId is empty although it’s exist when sending. Is this a bug? Any help will be appreciated because this affect our implementation.

Hi, @wisnup

It is hard to find the reason why reqId is empty. We need more information about this issue.

  • What is your version of SyncManager?
  • We want to know your implementation more.

I recommend to use msgId when msgId is not empty. Only if msgId is empty, use reqId.

Hi @Doo_Rim,

Thanks for the reply. We use this version
sendBird = ‘3.0.148’
sendBirdSyncManager = ‘1.1.26’

The implementation actually follow the sample
where the requestId is used to modify the list.


When I tested the recent version, it is hard to find your issues. At first, please try it as the recent version.
sendbird = 3.0.151
syncmanager = 1.1.28

If you get the same issue, I need a reproduction step. Thank you!


Plus, If the message was created at last year, it doesn’t have req_id.

The empty req_id is intermittent, it’s not always happen. And it’s not last year message, it happen even in newly sent message. Ok, we’ll try to update the versions.

Cannot find SyncManager 1.1.28. Is it already published?

Could not find com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-syncmanager:1.1.28.
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I think you have to remove ‘.’ after 1.1.28

That’s only the error log.
The version is without dot in the end.

// ext.gradle
sendBird = '3.0.151'
sendBirdSyncManager = '1.1.28'

@wisnup Could you try ‘1.1.29’?
We released new syncmanager yesterday!

If you have same problem, please contact our solution engineer team. This problem needs debugging.

Ok, we’ll try the new version and will contact support if still happening. Thanks @Doo_Rim

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