Broadcast channel creation is not allowed

Hi @neunghub – please review the security settings of your app as shown in the screenshot.

My bad, I didn’t realize that you are using the Broadcast channel. The ACL in the Dashboard is for group channels only, not the Broadcast channel. Please DM me your APP ID; I can enable Broadcast channel creation from SDK.

Also, please note that the Broadcast channel is currently in Beta.

I have already sent the message. Thank you very much.

Hi @neunghub,

I believe there is a bit of confusion on this topic. Broadcast Channels are not currently GA and as a result, we’ve only opened them up to a limited number of customers. At this time, we won’t be able to enable them for your application.

My apologies for the confusion.

Is there any further explanation? I still don’t understand

@neunghub The feature you’re looking to use, Broadcast Channels, is not available to the public. It’s included in our SDKs for the few customers that have been given early access but it’s not available to the general public.

As a result, we cannot enable Broadcast channels for you at this time. We will enable them when they become available to the general public.

Do you have a timeline for when to use the broadcast and can I join the test broadcast because I have a plan to buy your package?

At the moment, we do not have an ETA on when this specific feature may go GA. We appreciate your interest however, we are not currently accepting new customers for testing.

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me that how to enable the broadcast feature?
here i’m using sendbird-uikit - v2.7.2 in react.

because i check and read the all the documentation but there is no mention for broadcast and also one more que is that
announcement feature is similar to broadcast or not?

can anyone please clarify to me?

and if found the to enable the broadcast then please let me know the steps how to enable
and my React version is 16.12.0

If anyone knows then let me know please


Hello @Kunjan_Tanna,

As mentioned in the previous conversations, Broadcast channels are not considered GA and thus they are not available to the general public. At this time, there is no ETA for when Broadcast channels will be considered GA.

Thanks for the replay @Tyler

Can u please tell me what do u mena by GA?

GA means General Availability.

what about super group? is that GA?

Yes, Supergroups are GA and are covered thoroughly on our documentation.

i read the doc as well for the supergroup

but how to allow the supergroup like here is attach the screenshot
how can i show the supergroup Tab

and also i enable the supergroup in settings => chat => Features => supergroup 2k
but it seems like doesn’t show

so can u please guide me how to process and steps for that in reactJS

Please DM me your Application ID. Also, I’d like to ask that you refrain from posting the same questions in multiple threads. I will continue to delete them.

i just shared you application ID in DM @Tyler

Hello @Tyler

I’m waiting for your response.

Once you get a free then please replied me