Broken debugger with SendBirdUIKit

version: SendBirdUIKit (2.0.8)
We added SendBirdUIKit via CocoaPods after that debugger was broken

(lldb) po print(1)

error: virtual filesystem overlay file ‘/Users/hoon.sung/Documents/workspace/ios/uikit-ios-release/build_for_uikit/Build/Intermediates.noindex/’ not found

error: couldn’t IRGen expression. Please check the above error messages for possible root causes.

Hey, @hoons do you any ideas who to fix it?

Hi @Volodymyr_Bondar can you clean up pods and rebuild?

hey @Woo neither reinstall Pods nor remove Derived Data don’t help to fix the issue.

can you install 2.0.7 and see if that fixes for you?

and could you tell me when does this happen? also its helpful if you can tell me environment settings too (xcode version, ios, macos version etc)

I just ran sample ( with latest version but I do not see this problem

it seems like something wrong with xcode, you could try delete cache/deriveddata, clean build, restart xcode…

2.0.7 fixed this issue.
here the link for the test project with integrated SendBirdUIKit 2.0.8. And it reproducing in Xcode 12.4 (12D4e).

The test project you gave me ran fine on my machine D: I believe its xcode problem

I was having the same issue on 2.0.8. Downgrading to 2.0.7 also fixed the problem for me.

Hi @Volodymyr_Bondar @alloyd ,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

We’ve just released a new version 2.0.9 with this issue fixed.
Could you update the SDK and give it a try?

Hi @hoons
2.0.9 fixed debugger issue. Thanks

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