Call end result is "no answer" when dial was not received by callee

The SDK reports the call end result of an outgoing call as NO_ANSWER even when the callee did not receive the SendBirdCallListener.onRinging event (e.g when the callee is logged out). Per my understanding of the documentation, the expected result in this case should be TIMED_OUT.

I am not sure if I misinterpreted the documentation so I want to ask if this is the expected behaviour, thanks!

Hello @kiz ,

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Timed_out error results when Sendbird Calls server failed to establish a media session between the caller and callee within a specific amount of time.

If you see the same document it states below :
Register SendBirdCallListner first to receive incoming calls. Accept or decline incoming calls by using the directCall.accept() or the directCall.end() methods. If the call is accepted, a media session will automatically be established.

Since, in this case it never reached to the point of establishing the media session, hence it cannot give the Timed_out error.

Let me know if you have any queries.

@rahul it’s clear now, thanks for the reply!