Call muted when answered from locked screen

Hi everyone!
We’re integrating Sendbird Calls in our project and so far everything went quite smooth. While testing we faced that if the call is answered while the phone is locked, the call starts but the microphone doesn’t work until you go to the app or you enable the camera. As soon the app is launched/reopened from the call, the mic starts working and then you can even move to background and everything keeps working. If the call is answered in foreground everything works as well.

Any hints of what could be happening? The call is started with the correct attributes and Sendbird is authenticated as well.

Hello @Victor,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

I’m not sure why that would happen…
I have a few questions, Is this only happening on your project in development, or is this reproducible on our quickstart sample as well?
When the issue happens, has the device launched the application before or was it the first call ever made? (i.e, Microphone usage permission not granted yet)


I was not expecting an answer than fast! Thanks a lot for the response.

It’s happening as well in the demo project, and it’s not necessary to be the first time neither.

That is odd… I am not able to reproduce the issue on my side with the quickstart.
Is it happening every single time the call is made on background, or does it happen intermittently?
Also, could you tell me what version of the SDK and iOS?

Yes, it happens always when the call is answered when the device is locked and the phone shows the classic visuals of the iOS call. The SDK version is 1.5.7 and the iOS version 14.4.1.
(edited) I updated to 1.6.2 and I can reproduce the issue as well.