Call notification can take up to 30 seconds before been display

We are facing an new issue on IOS device. When we are calling to an IOS device, the call notification took 20 to 30 seconds before behing displayed to the IOS device. As we are using a 30 seconds call timeout, often the call is canceled before the notification arrive to the IOS device.

When we test with Android device, the call notifications arrive instantaneously.
I suspect this issue come from the CallKit and PushKit, and the way it’s interact with Sendbird.

I wounder if this is a common issue and if they is any way for fix the slow notifications.

[SDK Version]
SDK 1.10.2

[Reproduction Steps]
Android or IOS device call to and other IOS device.
The call notification arrive around 20 to 30 second later.

The happen for every incoming call from IOS device