Can I access other features within mobile app while on video call?

We are doing an implementation in iOS and we need to be able to access other features of our app while in call (within app, not other apps outside of our mobile app). Can this be done? Is there a way to minimize the video in order to use the rest of the app? I saw similar questions in the forum in the past but no clear answers. Thanks!

As long as you keep an instance of the call, you can move it to other parts of the app and there is no limit. Sendbird’s iOS sample does this for you.

As in the image below, if necessary, resizing or hiding the screen is also possible by implementation. As long as you keep the instance, you will be able to work by exposing another screen while making a call.
This is just implementation dependent and there are no restrictions.

Thanks, Scott. So I should be able to create a button to minimize the call, access other parts within my iOS app and then return to full size video chat while maintaining the instance of the call? I didn’t see any documentation as to how to do this in the link you sent. I just want to be sure to give clear instructions to the dev team.

You can call it by minimizing the call and persisting the call instance.
A button or link must be displayed to return to the full-size video chat.
These methods are not documented in the Sendbird documentation as they are part of the app implementation.

For example, let’s say you have one image displayed on the entire screen. Minimize the image and provide a link to the screen so you can access and return to different parts.
To maximize the image, click the link to maximize the image again.
These implementations can be referenced on the Internet.