Can i share the current location as a message just like Whatsapp is doing

I want to send my current location as a MapKit View in a chat. Is there any possibilities to do it in iOS with sendBird. ?

Hey @Manohar.P,

So yes you can! I have not implemented it via iOS but I have done it via Android using Google Maps API. Essentially what I did was I labeled the message with a custom_type = "map view" or something similar. I then added the necessary data needed in the .data part of the message(tbh it might be easier to put it on the sorted_metarray, either way attach the necessary data to the message object). Then you can check the custom_type when displaying the message and get the necessary data you need to display the map preview. Or how ever you want to do it.

Does that make sense?

After a lot of searching I have come to the conclusion that such a feature is probably not in the Sendbird iOS version.

Which means I think may be you can share location as WhatsApp in sendbird.

Hey @Farnandez,

Can you elaborate a bit more? A example of this implementation but in android is here.

That’s what I mean
You can only do this on Android
Because apart from Android, there is no article on iOS version regarding sendbird


Correct. At this time no one has written one. The principle is the same. You’d use whatever location service that iOS has and add all the relevant info into the message object. From there you would have to render the UI how youd want to.