Cannot get an error code when a banned user tries to join

I cannot get an error code when a banned user tries to join. I am using v3.0.131 now.
It seems to occur since v3.0.127 update.

      // Trying to show an error message with a reason when a banned user joins
      groupChannel.join((response, error) => {
            console.log(error.code); // 400750
            console.log(error.message); // "User is banned from this channel

I expected the error object has a proper code and message. Moreover, It worked version under 3.0.126 but now both of the properties have an undefined value.

Were there any updates about it? If not, I would like to know how to handle it properly in this case.



Hi thanks so much for reporting this issue. I found like you that is begins in version 3.0.127 of the JS SDK. I will work with Sendbird’s engineers to get it fixed. I will update you when it’s done.

I’m very sorry you face this issue.

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