Can't install non-JCenter SDK versions

I can’t find a way to install the non-JCenter versions of Sendbird Android SDK (3.1.x) and Sendbird-SyncManager.

The approach listed in Sendbird docs results in “Failed to resolve” message

And returns a 404.

I’ve tried the example from, but am still getting errors resolving Sendbird SDK’s

Update: I’m using Gradle 7.1.x

Hello @Brendenw, and welcome to the Sendbird community!

I have reached out to our engineering team to look into the cause of the 404 status code for and I will update you here as soon as I have a response!

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Hi @Brendenw,

Could you confirm if you placed the following in your settings.gradle file since you are using Gradle 7.1.x?

dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

I also want to make it known that SyncManager will be deprecated soon and I recommend migrating to Local Caching instead. You can find the doc page for Local Caching here: Local Caching | Chat Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

Hi Ian - I used the steps in Sendbird docs. They don’t work and stil returns a 404 error.


Where are you receiving the 404 error? Is it in your project or a web browser? If you navigate to that URL in your browser or use Postman, it will return a 404 error.