Channel list pagination

Channel list pagination(scroll pagination) works fine in browsers for 100% of zoom. But when we set zoom percentage below 100% channel list pagination (scroll pagination) isn’t working. why?

Hi sanjay,

  1. What version of Core SDK or UIKit are you using?
    2.What samples are you looking at and making on Github?
    Show me a screen capture or video of your channel list pagination.

I’m using the sendbird-uikit version 2.5.0. And the sample i’m looking for is codesandbox UI Kit demo

In this video when I set 90% of tab’s zoom the next channel list is’nt loading. But when I set 100% its updating the rest channel list.

The UIkit channel page list is what fetches the next list when scrolled to the bottom at 100% zoom.
When I change the zoom, the height of the list page doesn’t match, so even scrolling down I can’t get the next list.
To get the behavior you want, you need to modify it to get the following list when it hits 70-80%, not the lowest.
It’s UI-specific coding, so you’ll need to manually modify UIKit to use it or import the page in some other way.