Channel push status not updating in UIKit after API update

I want to change the default Notification for all users to mention_only. As far as I can tell, the best way to do this is to make a PUT request to v3/users/${userId}/push_preference when the user is first created.

I’m able to make the PUT request and a subsequent GET request confirms the user’s setting has changed

Push status: {
  do_not_disturb: false,
  start_hour: 0,
  start_min: 0,
  end_hour: 0,
  end_min: 0,
  timezone: 'UTC',
  push_sound: 'default',
  push_trigger_option: 'mention_only',
  snooze_enabled: false,
  snooze_start_ts: '',
  snooze_end_ts: '',
  block_push_from_bots: false,
  push_blocked_bot_ids: [],
  enable_push_for_replies: true

However when I now open the channel in RN/Expo UIKit and tap on Channel information, the “Notifications” setting shows “All new messages” selected.

A GET request to v3/users/${userId}/push_preference/${channelId} returns { enable: true, push_sound: null, push_trigger_option: 'default' }

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the default should work here? But I’d expected the UI to change to reflect the updated default as “mention only”

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[UIKit Version]
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    "@sendbird/chat": "^4.10.7",
    "@sendbird/react-native-scrollview-enhancer": "^0.2.1",
    "@sendbird/uikit-react": "^3.10.0",
    "@sendbird/uikit-react-native": "^3.3.0",

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I’m mostly confused!