Channels are not appearing the channelList once the reset the history

Once the reset the history of a channel, that channel is not appearing the channelList , although in the send-bird dashboard I can see the channel.

const { groupChannels } = useGroupChannelList(sdk);// this list does not contain the channel whose history is cleared.

const { channel } = useGroupChannel(sdk, params.channelUrl);

Also is there any way that I can resetTheHistory without the adminMessages?
and how can I send an admin message from the react native sdk?


Depending on your query params, it’s expected that the now empty channel is not shown. By default; empty channels are not returned in the query.

Can you expand on what you mean by resetting channel history with admin messages?

As for sending admin messages via any SDK, this is not possible. ADMM messages are designed to be system messages and thus can not be sent via any of our SDKs.

Hi @Tyler , thanks for replying.

I am not passing any query params. I am just using the send-bird react native sdk to get the channel list.
Can you please tell me how can we fetch all the channels including the channels that have empty messages using react native sdk?

Hello @Sumit_Dey,

This is more of an internal hook. Are you using this to generate your own custom screen/channel list?