Chat Push notification is coming twice in iOS

Push notification banner is coming twice on background mode.
But APNS registration with send-bird doing only one time.Still same error.

This error previously not came ,Twice banner is coming from last few days.

What can be the reason any one can help me out please.


Could you please DM me your APP_ID? Additionally, is there a user I can take a look at that experienced this issue, and around what time did they experience it?


Thanks @Tyler For reply.
I have messaged you the details,Can you please check it once.


It looks like you have multiple APNs certificates registered for the same application. Is there any reason for that? It looks like we’re sending a push out to each APNs certificate.


Ok Tayler.Let me check with the team.

Thank you so much @Tyler For your help.
Issue is for multiple certificates.

Glad to hear it! We’ll send a push to each certificate registered, and thus if you have multiple registered for the same application, you’ll end up with multiple pushes.

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Yes. Correct .