Chat push notifications not being received


I’m trying to setup SendBird to connect to a Flutter app that is already configured and receiving messages from Firebase, but I’m not able to correctly deliver notifications to the devices.

Steps taken:

  • I’ve enabled Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)
  • Configured the server token in SendBird dashboard
  • FCM tokens are being generated and stored correctly in the user properties
  • In SendBird, I have push notifications enabled, sending to both online and offline devices and I have set the FCM Server Key.
  • Tested using the Push notifications tester available in SendBird dashboard
  • Confirmed in Firebase reports that there is no increase in the number of notifications sent

Additionally, to understand if the app and Firebase definitions were fine, I’ve tested to send a notification directly to the user using the Firebase API. The notification is being delivered correctly to the app.

However, when I try to test notifications using SendBird, nothing is received in the app, although the dashboard returns success to the test.