Chat SDK Android Version 3.0.127 is now live!

Hello SendBird Developers,

We’ve released a new version of the Chat SDK version 3.0.127.
This version comes with endpoint modification and improved stability.

For details about 3.0.127, please visit the lastest Chat SDK Android changelog page.

  1. Added flag show_delivery_receipt for channel GET API endpoints
    Following endpoints will now have show_delivery_receipt

    GET https://api-{application_id}
    GET https://api-{application_id}{channel_url}
    GET https://api-{application_id}{channel_url}/members  
  2. Changed the parameter key of read_receipt

  • read_receipt key value being used in the buildParameterForGettingGroupChannelWithMember function has been deprecated.
  • It should be changed to the key value of show_read_receipt

To get started, you can find the latest Android SDK version in the following locations:

  1. Chat SDK repo:

As Always