Chat SDK v4 create group channel

The documentation is still using the v3 syntax.

From what I understood, the new syntax would be something like this

const params: GroupChannelCreateParams = {
	name: '',
	isDistinct: true,
	isStrict: true,

I’m also trying to find the equivalent of params.addUserIds() in v4, in the documentation there’s only operatorUserIds.

Thank you

Hey @hewong,

Thank you calling this out. I’ve raised it up to our team to get that corrected. In regards to addUserIds(), you’ll want to utilize invitedUserIds: string[]. I’m having this updated as well.

You can find a complete list of what params are accepted in the API Reference: GroupChannelCreateParams | Sendbird Chat SDK Reference - v4.0.0-beta

Thank you for the prompt reply!