"connect"-method never returns - it just waits forever

I’m trying to use the “connect” method, but it never returns and I get no errors, see code below. If I skip doing the “connect”, I get an error from the “createChannel” which makes sense.

Creating channels and sending messages works when using the React UIKit.

What could be wrong?

[SDK Version]
@sendbird/chat 4.10.6

[Reproduction Steps]

async createGroupChannel(userId: string, groupId: string, groupName: string) {
    const params: GroupChannelCreateParams = {
      channelUrl: "test1",
      name: "test1",
    try {
      await this._sb.connect("MY_USER_ID");
      await this._sb.groupChannel.createChannel(params);
      await this._sb.disconnect();
    } catch (err) {
      Log.error("SendbirdService.createGroupChannel", { err });

I create the client with this:

this._sb = SendbirdChat.init({
      appId: "MY_APP_ID",
      modules: [new GroupChannelModule()],


[Current impact]
Can’t connect and create a group

The issue was that I was trying to use the SDK in Node.js, instead of the browser. So I just used the Platform API’s instead.