Creating a COVID checker BOT with Sendbird widget

Hi so I want to create a bot on our web page for people to fill out a COVID survey… I think I should be using the sendbird widet I would like to use the Informedica API ( for all the questions and the responses…

Initially users will fill out the bot anonymously. At some point we might want to save users responses and I think we can do that with web hooks.

Is the widget where I should start? I wasn’t able to find any real documentation on how to use the widget to create this type of bot.

Thanks for your guidance.

Hi @AllenTCrane, it sounds like you’re on the right track. You can start with that widget and modify it for your use case. You just need to create a channel and add your bot to the channel. You’ll create a bot using the Platform API and have the Bot reply using this endpoint.

Attached is a tutorial for working with bots.

Bot Interface Tutorial_ Pong Bot - External.pdf (347.4 KB) s.