Creating an Open Channel not letting me set the channel URL

I am attempting to use the Javascript SDK in my React app to create an open channel.

const params: SendBird.OpenChannelParams = new sdk.OpenChannelParams(); = channelId; = JSON.stringify({
  shipmentId: channelId,
params.channelUrl = channelId;
sdk.OpenChannel.createChannel(params, (openChannel) => {

I’m using params.channelUrl to set a unique URL, as per the docs, but in the POST the channelUrl is never used. The POST body to /v3/open_channels only uses the name, data, and operators keys.

Is there something I’m doing wrong here?


I don’t see channelUrl being used in the minified Sendbird.min.js code for creating an OpenChannel:

            key: "createChannel",
            value: function() {
                var i = this
                  , n = W.toArray(arguments)
                  , e = null;
                "function" == typeof n[n.length - 1] && (e = n.pop());
                var t = B.get(this._iid)
                  , r = t.OpenChannel
                  , t = t.OpenChannelParams;
                if (n[0]instanceof t && 1 === n.length)
                    return ae(this._iid, function(r) {
                        var e = n[0];
                        e._validate() ? ce.get(i._iid).container.apiClient.createOpenChannel(e, function(e, n) {
                            var t = null;
                            e || (t = B.get(i._iid).OpenChannel.upsert(n)),
                            r(e, t)
                        }) : r(W.error, null)
                    }, e);
                var a = new t;
                switch (n.length) {
                case 0:
                case 1:
           = n[0];
                case 2:
           = n[0],
                    a.coverUrlOrImage = n[1];
                case 3:
           = n[0],
                    a.coverUrlOrImage = n[1],
           = n[2];
                case 4:
           = n[0],
                    a.coverUrlOrImage = n[1],
           = n[2],
                    a.operatorUserIds = n[3];
                case 5:
           = n[0],
                    a.coverUrlOrImage = n[1],
           = n[2],
                    a.operatorUserIds = n[3],
                    a.customType = n[4];
                    return ae(this._iid, function(e) {
                        return e(W.error, null)
                    }, e)
                return e ? r.createChannel(a, e) : r.createChannel(a)

If you look at the switch/case statement, channelUrl is missing.

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Hi @mwq27,

Looks like you are correct, that it appears to be missing. Let me work with our Engineering team to validate.

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Thanks Tyler,

Do you know if this bug has been confirmed, and if a patch is coming soon?

Hi @mwq27,

I’ve heard anything back on this yet. As soon as I hear something, I’ll make sure to pass it your way.


Hello is there an update for this? I am using GitHub - sendbird/SendBird-SDK-JavaScript: Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript for enablement of a rich, engaging, scalable, and real-time chat service. and running into the same issue. Would like to know if there is a work around or if fix is coming soon.

Hello @sharewell,

This has not yet been corrected. As soon as it has been fixed, I’ll make sure to update here.

Hi @Tyler

I have exact same issue. Is there any plan to fix this one?

Hi @Dogyun_Jeong,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. What version of the SDK are you using?