Date_Hour(Int) How to use in code

Getting some error in the code can you help how to use this code ?

Can you check how to use this kind of keys

Can you please send me a sample code for all with parameters how to set?

Hello @Samkit_Shah, Welcome to Sendbird Community.

The following code shows examples for how to customize SBUStringSet.

        SBUStringSet.Alert_Delete = "Delete this message?"
        SBUStringSet.Date_Hour = {hour in
            return "\(hour) hours";
        SBUStringSet.Message_Replied_To = {me, other in
            return "\(me) replying to \(other)";

Let me know if you need any additional help.

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1 - How can we translate or change this - “is now an operator”
2 - Can we change the time format to 24 hrs?
3 - How to enable the message reply option in a group chat?

  1. There is no way to change the text directly. Consider building your own dictionaries in your implementation to convert the auto generated admin messages to display the information you need. This dictionary may include translations, or custom text etc.

  2. Could you please elaborate your use case on this?

  3. Here is the document for how to enable Threads | UIKit iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs

2 - Can we change the time format to 24 hrs?

The time of each message in the group chat is displayed like “12:30 AM” (Need in 24 hrs time like “13:30”)