Deprecation notice for Sendbird's Chat SDK interfaces

In our product we are using below mentioned chat SDK version,
Android:- V3.0.159
iOS:- V3.0.176
Javascript:- V3.0.35

We have got an update from the Sendbird team saying “will remove the deprecated interfaces from the new release after December 31, 2021”. Will that impact any existing functionality for the Android:- V3.0.159, iOS:- V3.0.176 & Javascript:-V3.0.35 SDK versions, In case if we don’t use the latest SDK version?

Hi @Development_Account,

Historically when we’ve deprecated interfaces, we’ve left the interface in the SDK as a safety for customers. In new versions of the SDK’s released after December 31st, we’ll be officially removing those interfaces entirely from the SDK.

That means you would not be impacted if you stay on a version that is released prior to December 31st. That being said, we highly recommend you update any of the interfaces you’re currently using that are deprecated because if you ever do upgrade to a newer version you will run into problems.

@Tyler Thanks for the update. Can you please confirm will it any functional impact at the Sendbird server as well right?

These are SDK changes, not server side changes.

As the deprecation mail talk about Android, iOS & Javascript, will the upgrade be needed to react Sendbird UIKit as well? (if we want to upgrade)

Thanks in advance,

because from the sendbird UI Kit, we are using below functions:


Are there planned release dates for the removal of those functions? In other words, when do we anticipate impact occurring if we do not upgrade? (for Javascript SDK) @Tyler