Developer Plan: Can't Access any of my applications

After moving to V1 of the Sendbird dashboard I can no longer access any of my applications. Our organization is still on the developer plan and we have little traffic right now as we’re just starting out. I’m not sure how to make any modifications to our existing applications.

Hello @Darin_Tanaka,

Can you tell me what kind of errors you’re running into? Without much information, I can only make an assumption that you’ve passed the traffic limits of the Developer plan which is 100 MAU and 10 Peak Connections.

I’m getting a 403 for my platform api requests. From the org dashboard it shows more than 10 peak connections however right now there isn’t anyone using the application.


Got it. It does mean that your organization is disabled until the new month as you’ve exceeded that of your developer plan.

Peak Connections are not a real time statistic but rather an indication of the max number of concurrent connections that occurred during the month. This means that in your case, you at one point exceeded 10 concurrent connections thus cause the organization to be disabled until the next month.

I see…this seems kind of harsh as I thought it would just deny the current users to connect as it did before. It seems like the lowest paying tier is $400 / month. There’s no way to pay anything between 0 and $400 / month. Our app is still in the developmental stage so we’re not ready to put down that kind of money yet. We’ll probably have to discontinue our use of send bird and find another SDK that has more of scalable pay as you go structure.