Differentiate presence per URL

Hi. I’m integrating SendBird JavaScript SDK and Platform API with my application.
Is it possible to differentiate presence per URL or something similar? For example, I have a list of items, and each item has an item detail page. I would like to know users that are online only on specific item detail page. If they are online on page details for item #1, I would like to show them as online there, but not on other page detail pages.

Maybe this helps. When you ENTER an Open Channel:

sb.OpenChannel.getChannel(url, (channel, error) => {
        if (!error) {
            channel.enter((response, error) => {
                if (!error) {
                    console.log("I'm in the Open channel!");

You can then query /v3/open_channels

and check the participant_count value

    "channels": [
            "name": "open_channel",
            "participant_count": 1,
            "custom_type": "",
            "is_ephemeral": false,
            "channel_url": "open_channel",
            "created_at": 1606219647,
            "cover_url": "https://sendbird.com/main/img/cover/cover_02.jpg",
            "freeze": false,
            "is_dynamic_partitioned": false,
            "max_length_message": 5000,
            "data": "",
            "operators": []

That value changes according to the users in that open channel. If they leave the channel or gets disconnected because of inactivity, then the counter will go back to 0.

You can use Channel Handlers to be notified automatically or play with Webhooks too.

Hope this helps!